The initiative has effectively managed to reach out to over 101 schools across the state in just a week's time! During this process, over 60,000 students and 1,00,000 parents became an inseparable part of our Green Gene Team.. Green Gene collected over 15,000 kilos of E-waste in 2011...

We have achieved a lot. A lot, indeed!

We are proud that,
We started something.
We call it the movement.. Or just another campaign, if you say so.
We touched the hearts of our students
and that's what matters at the end.
We haven't won any awards, but we smile when one of our students write us an e-mail saying
'Thank you, Green Gene'.
And if you don't know, that's the biggest compliment we ever got!
Yes, we are determined to see this green dream everyday,
until it becomes a reality.